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  • Students - log into T-Square using your GT username and password. Access the lecture media gallery from the course tools options. 
    • Ask a Question! - submit questions through the class Piazza site (click Q&A): piazza.com/gatech/spring2017/math2551qh/home
    • QH8 students MWF - log into T-Square using your GT username and password. Access the lecture media gallery from the course tools options.  
    • QH 8 students - Tues/Thurs - Connect using Adobe Connect.  Contact Greg Mayer (greg.mayer@gatech.edu) for further assistance. 

  • Facilitators - Each student has assigned GT credentials.  Students should use their GT credentials to log into T-Square to access the lecture media gallery from the course tools options on the left side of the course site.  The live web stream will be available M-F in the lecture media gallery.  Facilitator credentials are not required. 
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Spring 2017

MATH 2551


QH1 GraysonQH5Collins Hill
QH1Mill CreekQH5Johns Creek
QH1Mountain ViewQH5South Forsyth
QH1Peachtree RidgeQH7Chattahoochee
QH2North Gwinnett 
QH3Forsyth Central
QH3North Forsyth
QH3West Forsyth
QH3 Milton Contact GTPE for connection information.
QH4 Harrison Contact Paul Cordone
QH4 Hillgrove Contact Paul Cordone
QH4 Lassiter Contact Paul Cordone
QH4 Walton Contact Paul Cordone
QH4 Wheeler Contact Paul Cordone



County High School GT Recitation Section URI to Dial
Cobb Harrison QH4  Contact Paul Cordone for connection information.
  Hillgrove QH4 Contact Paul Cordone for connection information.
  Lassiter QH4 Contact Paul Cordone for connection information.
  Walton QH4 Contact Paul Cordone for connection information.
  Wheeler QH4 Contact Paul Cordone for connection information.
Cherokee Woodstock QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
Forsyth Forsyth Central QH3 834041028880@vtc.gatech.edu
  Lambert QH3 834041028880@vtc.gatech.edu
  North Forsyth QH3 834041028880@vtc.gatech.edu
  South Forsyth QH5 834041028881@vtc.gatech.edu
  West Forsyth QH3 834041028880@vtc.gatech.edu
Fulton Alpharetta QH7 Live stream
  Cambridge QH6 834041028882@vtc.gatech.edu
  Centennial QH5 834041028881@vtc.gatech.edu
  Chattahoochee QH7 814041028801@vtc.gatech.edu
  Johns Creek QH5 834041028881@vtc.gatech.edu
  Milton QH3 Contact GTPE for connection information
  Northview QH6 Live stream
  North Springs QH2 Live stream
  Roswell QH7 814041028801@vtc.gatech.edu
Gwinnett Brookwood QH2 844041028921@vtc.gatech.edu
  Duluth QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
  Grayson QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
  GSMST QH2 844041028921@vtc.gatech.edu
  Mill Creek QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
  North Gwinnett QH2 844041028921@vtc.gatech.edu
  Mountain View QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
  Parkview QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
  Peachtree Ridge QH1 844041028920@vtc.gatech.edu
Oconee North Oconee QH1 Live stream
Savannah-Chatham Savannah Arts Academy QH6 834041028882@vtc.gatech.edu
One-off section (Dr. Mayer)

Allatoona High School

Archer High School

Campbell High School

Dacula High School

Fayette County High School

Glynn Academy

Lakeview Academy

Mount de Sales Academy

Newnan High School

Norcross High School

Oconee County High School

Riverwood International Chtr

Savannah Arts Academy

Starr's Mill High School

QH8 Use Adobe Connect (Contact Greg Mayer for assistance)



Video Conferencing Details

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