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Please note, starting August 17th, 2020 all connections to Math 1554 T/Th Studio classes will be through personal devices. Please see below for the connection link

Math 1554 MWF lectures are pre-recorded and available through Canvas. The studio sessions will be recorded and also available through the Math 1554 Canvas page. 

For assistance with videos or Canvas, send an email to GT Online or call 404-894-0612

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Course Viewing Instructions


  • Students - To view the lecture and studio recordings, log into Canvas (canvas.gatech.edu) using your GT username and password. Access the media gallery from the navigation menu on the course site. The link to join your T/Th studio classes live can also be accessed using through the Media Gallery. 
    • Ask a Question! - submit questions through the class Piazza site. Link available in the Canvas course gallery.

Video Conferencing Details

Fall 2020


For the Friday, August 14th, 2020 kickoff lecture only, students use the information below to join from their personal device:

Laptop (Chrome): https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/live-event/uqpqaatb

Mobile Device: Joining via a mobile device?
b) Download the BlueJeans Events app if you don’t have it already
c) Enter event ID to join : uqpqaatb


MATH 1554


MONDAY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY - Lectures are Pre-Recorded and available in the Canvas Media Gallery
Monday, Wednesday Studio Classes - Delivered live through BlueJeans Events - Connection Information:
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Video Conferencing Details

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