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Government and Defense Industry Training

Learn cutting-edge defense technology from world-class experts

Courses, Certificates, and Online Master's Degrees for Defense Professionals


With 110+ defense technology courses and 14 professional certificates, offered in-person and virtually, diversify your skillsets with cutting-edge instruction from one of the nation’s premier public universities (ranked in the top 10 by U.S. News & World Report).

As an established authority through our own cutting-edge research, as well as regular consulting work with the military, government, and a wide variety of businesses, we offer unparalleled access to renowned Georgia Tech faculty, industry leaders, and Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) researchers and practicing engineers—all experts in highly specialized fields of defense technology to help you further support your companies' efforts.

Whether you’d like to expand your knowledge in remote sensing for defense applications or want to gain a better understanding of radar systems, Georgia Tech's Defense Technology program will provide you the technical knowledge and power to change the course of your entire career.

Industry-Specific Subject Areas

Our defense technology training offers responsive and timely learning experiences that you can self-selct to grow and deepen your skills in the defense industry.
Advanced Problem Solving image
Advanced Problem Solving
Utilize our courses and certificates as a toolkit to overcome even the biggest challenges, regardless of industry and become an effective problem solver — a...
Airborne and Space image
Airborne and Space
Learn the fundamentals along with the latest regarding aircraft control systems, flight control, flight simulators, navigation, wireless communication,...
Antennas image
Gain in-depth knowledge of antenna technologies such as radar, near-field, phased-array, far-field, and more.
Cybersecurity image
We offer in-depth training in cybersecurity principles, as well as, emerging techniques and strategies that to keep information safe.
Electronic Warfare image
Electronic Warfare
Learn the inner workings, benefits, and limitations of electronic warfare and radar-controlled weapons systems. Understand how electronic warfare systems...
Industrial and Systems image
Industrial and Systems
Discover methods used in the optimization of complex engineering systems in order to improve the efficiency of engineering processes and increase productivity.
Infrared and Electro-Optical image
Infrared and Electro-Optical
Understand how infrared and electro-optical systems work as well as how to assess their strengths and limitations.
Modeling and Simulation image
Modeling and Simulation
Develop in-depth expertise of how modeling and simulation can be instrumental in helping you plan everything from technology launches to field operations.
Radar image
Learn from leading experts in radar research and apply new knowledge to fields as varied as defense, imaging, automotive, electronic warfare, and weather.
Sensor and Data Fusion image
Sensor and Data Fusion
The Georgia Tech Sensor & Data Fusion Certificate puts you ahead of the action by showing you how to bring together data from multiple sensors and interpret...
Test and Evaluation image
Test and Evaluation
Boost your knack for success by learning to develop better systems and products through testing and evaluation.

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Defense Short Courses

Expand your knowledge and find the latest Defense Technology courses easily on our website. Select courses by subject, interest area, location, and start date. Learn more in our one-to-five-day short courses in-person, or virtual options. Courses ranging from Systems Engineering, Electronic Warfare and Antenna Engineering to Cybersecurity training, gain a better understanding, while acquiring specialized expertise.

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Working professionals attending a Defense Tech course

Defense Technology Certificates

What will you master next? Georgia Tech’s Defense Technology program sets the standard in the field with 14 professional certificates widely known for their unmatched rigor and high standards of excellence. By completing a series of courses in a particular field, you can earn a Georgia Tech Defense Technology certificate. With this highly respected credential, you can increase your impact within the workplace.

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Defense technology certifications

Cybersecurity Online Master's

Sharpen your research and critical thinking skills with the only interdisciplinary degree in cybersecurity from a U.S. News & World Report Top 10-ranked public university that you can earn online, on your own schedule, for a tuition less than $10,000. You'll gain in-depth knowledge in your discipline of interest: information security, cyber-physical systems, or policy within two- to three-years.

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Cyber security professional working in data security center

Defense Tech Training-at-a-Glance

  • 110+ Courses icon
    110+ Courses
  • 1-5 Day Courses icon
    1-5 Day Courses
  • 14 Certificates icon
    14 Certificates
  • Online and In-Person icon
    Online and In-Person
  • 14 Subject Areas icon
    14 Subject Areas


Eliminate travel expenses and foster team learning by scheduling a private offering at your location, including restricted access and classified courses. Our expert instructors will customize courses to meet your organizational needs and deliver training on your schedule.
  • Save Money
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Group Training
  • Customize Content
  • On-Site Training
  • Earn a Certificate

Advancing Defense Technology for 50 Years

Defense Technology: A proud history of looking to the future.


Veteran Remote Sensing Researcher and Georgia Tech Alum Named New Director of Defense Technology Program image
Veteran Remote Sensing Researcher and Georgia Tech Alum Named New Director of Defense Technology Program
Michael Cathcart, Ph.D. has been named director for the Defense Technology program at Georgia Tech Professional...
Defense Tech Celebrates 50 Years image
Defense Tech Celebrates 50 Years
For over five decades, Georgia Tech has been a prominent leader in defense technology training and research, led by...
Family Ties: Father and Son Take Power Systems Certificate Program  image
Family Ties: Father and Son Take Power Systems Certificate Program
It’s not uncommon for multiple generations of a family to attend the same university. But at the same time? Not...
Research and Instruction: A Winning Combination image
Research and Instruction: A Winning Combination
Principal Research Engineer Glenn Hopkins is Georgia-raised, Georgia Tech-educated and made his professional name at...
Women in Tech image
Women in Tech
Margaret Loper, Myrtle Turner Harris, and Barbara Fox, research scientists at Georgia Tech Research Institute and...

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