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Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership (Online) - Curriculum

Now accepting applications for Fall 2023!


The Professional Master’s in Manufacturing Leadership (Online) is designed for experienced engineers looking to build their operations and personnel management skills while working full time.

The two-year program consists of ten core courses covering technical competencies, sustainable system design, manufacturing continuous improvement, and leadership skills. 

The curriculum is taught in a hybrid format that blends face-to-face instruction and 24/7 online learning. As an online student, you can expect:

  • Recorded course lectures that are available at any time for self-paced learning.
  • Live office hours with your instructors to ask questions.
  • Three in-person three-day visits to Atlanta, Ga. (United States) over two years to meet with your cohort.
  • Two courses each semester, taken consecutively and structured as seven-week sessions.

The program culminates with a 12-week team-based capstone project that requires you work within a team and use your new skills and knowledge to address a real-world need.

Year 1


Leadership Development (MGT 6114)
Preparation for becoming leaders of organizations, to exercise leadership, and to embark on paths of personal leadership development through readings, lectures, speakers, and leadership groups.

Manufacturing Reliability (ISYE 6381)
Fundamentals of Reliability and Maintainability Engineering.


Principles of Management for Engineers (MGT 6753)
The course will provide an introduction to selected topics needed to be successful in the technology industries.

Production Planning and Control (ISYE 6380)
Fundamentals of Production Planning and Lean Manufacturing.


Future Manufacturing Technologies (MLDR 8823)
The course provides comprehensive foundational knowledge of the industry enabling the student to understand the role of diverse manufacturing operations and to strategically plan improvements.



Year 2

Special Note

MGT 6107 requires a one-week campus visit.

Supply Chain Strategy and Operations (MLDR 8803)
Fundamentals of Manufacturing Supply Chain Operation.

Leadership and Organizational Change (MGT 6107)
An examination of theories and practices for designing and implementing major organizational change and the role played by leadership, power, and influence in change process.


Quality Control and Lean Manufacturing (ISYE 6382)
Fundamentals of Quality Control and Six Sigma Methods

Program Management (MLDR 8833)
Fundamentals of Project Management.


Special Note

MLDR 6800 requires a one-week campus visit.

Manufacturing Leadership (MLDR 6800)
Teams work to complete a capstone project provided at the beginning of the semester. Successful completion requires integration of the business, leadership and manufacturing courses.



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