Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) DevOps

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  • Course Content
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Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) DevOps

Course Description

Data analysis in Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) depends on a particular set of skills and tools with an understanding of EW-specific challenges. From data management to enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI), applying AI to different use cases, and understanding where AI is appropriate, this course is meant to increase existing knowledge in EW data analysis and shifting that knowledge to the bleeding edge. You will learn about tooling for data management and building automated workflow; how to apply AI into an existing work and when not to; why data is so important; and ways to synthetically create new data while efficiently labelling what you already have. The course will dive deeply into each topic and proved you with an opportunity to implement and test different techniques and see how their application will provide further insight into EW data.

Course Content


  • Data management best practices (Where does my data go?)
  • What does a good EW data workflow look like?
  • DevOps, MLOps, and DataOps, how to increase automation potential


  • When to use AI (and when not to!)
  • Why are advanced techniques important for the future of EW Data Analysis?
  • Do I have enough data? (How do I get more?)


  • How can you automate your EW Data Analysis workflow?
  • Measuring your workflow’s performance
  • Deploying locally, and in the cloud
Requirements & Materials



Required (student must provide)

  • Computer (personal or work device with internet connectivity)
  • Internet connection

Provided (student will receive)

  • Downloadable course materials (slide decks, lab guides, student handouts) available from the GT campus course platform

Session Details

  • Special Discounts: Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) employees are eligible to receive a discount.  If you are a GTRI employee, please go to the Organizational Development website and look for the coupon code under GT Professional Development. Review coupon instructions for more information.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for data analysts who want to incorporate proper data management into their workflow; engineers who want to understand more about AI and Machine Learning (ML); engineers who want to apply AI/ML to their data to detect and correlate information; and project managers who want to ensure that their team has access to all available data and would like for automation to be at the front end of the team workflow.

Group of adult learners

What You Will Learn

  • An introduction to data management best practices
  • How to use and incorporate the latest data automations tools into your current workflow
  • AI/ML capabilities for anomaly detection, synthetic data generation, and computer vision for EW systems
  • Why to use certain AI/ML techniques in different situations
  • Leading advanced techniques for EW data and what is next for supporting the warfighter
Electronic warfare learner listening in classroom course

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand how data management can increase the potential for automation and AI/ML for future efforts.
  • Become familiar and gain experience with different AI techniques and how they are applied to the EW data analysis workflow.
  • Have exposure to the latest tools for increasing data analysis productivity and the experience to incorporate them into a workflow.
  • Understand how the tools presented can be used in the end-to-end case and how the human will continue to contribute to the system.
  • Learn about the bleeding edge, and how small steps in data management and automation can enable future advanced techniques.
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The course schedule was well-structured with a mix of lectures, class discussions, and hands-on exercises led by knowledgeable and engaging instructors.

- Abe Kani


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